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VAN DER STEL, born 15.8.1951 in Bern, Switzerland, raised in the mountains, where he didn't quite feel at home. 1971-75 in Zurich as a bookseller and other things. Influenced by Paul Celan and Christian Morgenstern he started to write poetry. On the side he also did drawings and paintings. A few psychedlic-like miniatures from that time have survived [EXAMPLE 1] - [EXAMPLE 2]. Since 1971 "attached" to a professional gipsy. (the fact which explains some of the frequent moves that were to follow). 1975-79 in Basel, 1977 unexpected birth of a daughter. 1979-80 Malaga. 1980-84 New York (painting classes at "Art Student's League" and lessons with the painter Doris Morath). 1984-87 Frankfurt on the Main, 1985 first exhibition in that very place. 1986 exhibition in Zurich. 1987-90 Osaka-Kobe. Countless exhibitions in Osaka, Kobe and surroundings. 1990-91 Asuncion, Paraguay, 1991 exhibition there at "Galeria Forum Del Arte". 1991-93 New York (sculpture classes at "Art Student's League"). 1993-96 London. 1996-99 Tokyo. 1999-2000 Prague. Since October 2000 back in Zurich and up to no good things, haha.